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Are you ready to take control of your eating habits?

What''s your relationship to food?

Cravings. Bingeing. Scarcity. Yo-Yo Dieting.

Hey! I'm Laura

Time to put you in control!

With my 12 week programme I help women trapped in their own hamster wheel of unbreakable, out of control habits and patterns when it comes to their relationship with food. We break those habits and figure out what’s gotten them (you) there in the first place!


By digging deep in to your unhealthy food habits and triggered responses when it comes to eating and food, I help you re-wire the brain, rework the balance, regain confidence through an intuitive understanding of your own body - what it’s craving and why - around food so food no longer controls you. 


You control what’s going on with your body, your brain, and your eating patterns in order to rebuild a healthy relationship with your body, your self-image, and self-confidence that overflows and spills over -  impacting positively so many other aspects of your life!


Let's break yo-yo dieting and instil healthy lifestyle behaviours to create a healthy lifestyle that lasts...throughout your life... so you never need to fall prey to those formulaic, one-size-fits-all diets again!

Are you ready to take control?

No more...

Cravings. Binges. ShameYo-Yo Dieting.

What if you could...

Intuitively know what your body's secretly craving other than just whatever food's on hand?

Feel fantastic & confident in your own skin - even around snacking & food - so it's not taking center stage in your life?

Free yourself FOREVER from fad diets, over-eating shame, out-of-control snacking?

Sound dreamy?

Join me!


What this program includes:

Over these 12 weeks you’ll learn to intuitively know and trust your body - developing a deep & personal understanding of your relationship to food & your reactionary eating habits. Plus you’ll learn the why’s and what for’s that are exclusively applicable to no one else but you. These steps will lead to your own break-through in many different areas and on many different levels - most specifically how it then relates to your eating habits & auto-responses around food. Your unique up-levels will be defined by your own journey. It’s about traversing through your history and habits that have created the paths and patterns that evolved into your own battled relationship with food over your life and the negative stories surrounding your body image.

The awakenings and results of this journey cannot be canned, put into formulas, or listed in some one-size-fits all diet plan. This is a course designed to develop your own inner knowledge, intuitive understanding, and know-how (all based on some simple tools) in order to truly break free once and for all from destructive food/eating patterns. It will also provide the nurturing and non-judgemental environment you’ll need to negotiate through these transitions as they occur. And it will naturally be different for each person. That’s why I am offering the latest version of this ground breaking course as a bespoke 1-2-1 coaching programme with me as your personal coach. So you can receive the individualised attention and personalised guidance necessary to realize true transformation that supports you for the long haul.

By the end of our 12 weeks together, your foundational building blocks are in place to provide for long lasting “forever” results. You will have finally learned how to recognize, discern, and decipher for yourself and for your body the quality habits and healthy, happy relationship to food that will carry your from here on - regardless your age or stage in life. No more hiding. No more feeling lost, isolated, defeated, paralyzed. No more binging, craving, starving, guilting. These new skills and inner self-knowledge work together to free you from the destructive food issues you’ve been lugging around for years - that have figuratively or literally been weighing you down. On the other side, you’ll be ready to unleash a fresh authentic lifestyle - tailored exclusively to a body and life that you truly love!

Are you ready to ditch the diets & food triggers for good...

for life?

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See what others are saying about laura...

R. Williams

"I've wanted to improve my overall health for a long time, but have just never had the motivation to actually do it - and do it wholeheartedly.  Our weekly sessions with Laura have really helped to bring my goal to life, and to make me focus on the real, emotional, and underlying reasons why being a healthier version of me is so important.  And, it's clicked.  I now have my why firmly ingrained in my mind - with the emotion behind this helping me to put the steps in place each week, and to take action.  And, it's not just for the short term.  The changes I'm making to my routines and my lifestyle now, I know will continue and become my new way of life :) The programme is helping me focus on all aspects of my health and wellbeing - from inspiration on healthy meals that fit in with my busy week, motivation to take up running (now on week 3 of Couch to 5K :)), and advice on how I can become more mindful - with continual encouragement and praise for achievements (and support for any blips) along the way."

B. Carter

"So I am at the half way point, when I look back at the last few weeks I feel great sense of achievement and accomplishment. I feel informed and I feel ‘skilled up’. This whole concept is so interesting I have been able to arm myself ready to make positive habit changes and change my life for good. Every week that goes by I navigate a new challenge and have found it really fascinating, especially how I’ve started to listen to my body more and more. Addressing how my brain and my body works has really started to change my attitude to food and exercise. I often come away from a session feeling euphoric and excited. I have had a few dips and stumbles along the way but I am not judged and Laura has helped me to navigate my way through with useful tips and support. I cannot believe this is the half way mark. I feel strong and a desire to learn more and excited about what the next weeks brings and the rest of my life.

R. Worthington

"Working with Laura has helped with areas of my life I never knew could be improved and with relatively such little effort, when you know how! The transformation programme has done just that, transformed my life in so many ways, I feel back on track physically and emotionally, I feel so much better and no longer worry about food and my relationship to it. But it's so much more than that as well,  I love my body again and I love my life! I am ready to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe!"

P. Cross

"Having a coach is a very new concept for me so it was a leap of faith to start working with Laura, but I am so so glad I did. Not only do I thank her for everything she has taught me and for all the changes I have made for the good but my family benefits from these changes too, and for that they also say thank you! Laura is the right amount of challenge and compassion. I felt supported through the tougher times whilst sufficiently coached to get me to achieve my health goals. The extra energy and confidence has had a knock on effect to everything I do, I feel in control again and now feel equipped with the  right tools to deal with health and life challenges when they arise. I can't recommend the programme enough, my Husband says it's like living with a new woman!"

What 's all included...

Food & You (8)
Food & You (1)
Food & You (7)

My story...

I have always been passionate about health and wellness. From a young age I told people I wanted to ‘heal’ them not really knowing what that meant. An interest turned in to a genuine desire to learn more, a career and then a way of life.

I certainly don’t claim to be able to ‘heal’ anyone still now, but I have seen how lifestyle choices have affected people close to me and I am determined to be the master of my own health and my own life and in some ways even heal my own body. This has been made in to an even stronger vow since having children, not only do I want to be capable, my best self for them and be on this earth as long as possible to be with them, but also to pass on some healthy habits that will improve their lives too.

Why do I do this?

Training as a Health Coach was a natural step for me, but it has also transformed my life in ways I never thought was possible.

My mission is to take all I know and have learnt and to share it with as many people as possible. My life has changed dramatically since putting everything in to practise and I want to help as many families and support as many busy career driven, entrepreneurial mamas as possible, because I’ve been there, I know how difficult life is for ‘that’ Mum and I want to show her that she CAN look good, feel unstoppable, regain that balance and start enjoying the life she deserves. xx

Ready to repair your relationship to food?

One Time Payment

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Emotional Eating Quiz

How do you know if you're an emotional eater?

Do you turn to food when you are struggling with something - or even when you're happy? You may not realize you're depending on food for more than just hunger. Take the quiz below to see how much emotional eating is affecting your life...

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