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Can Changing Your Eating Habits Keep Thousands in Your Bank Account?

What's the real value in changing your lifestyle eating habits? Well, guess what! The health benefits are naturally a given...but have you ever considered the economic benefits as well?

Although it may sound absurd on the surface, changing the way you eat, and the habits surrounding your eating patterns, can literally save you thousands of dollars over the course of your life. When you do the arithmetic, it can add up significantly! But how so?

As an article in the Express U.K. stated:

"The average dieter follows 55 fad diets during their lifetime at a staggering cost of £30,000 - enough to put a deposit down on a first home. But only one in three lose weight and just one in five felt better for their new regimes.

A new study by plant-based food and drink specialist Alpro - which surveyed 2,000 people as part of its first Annual Diet and Healthy-Eating Report - has found that disillusioned Brits are getting tired of the effect that fad dieting regimes are having on their morale - as well as their pockets.

Biggest gripes included diets that quickly became unsustainable (cited by nearly one in four respondents who had dieted in the last 12 months), followed by the high cost associated with following such regimes (23 per cent)."

And on the other side of the pond, in the U.S., this article points out:

"Americans spend billions of dollars each year on diet books, gimmicks and other products to try to lose weight ($6 billion per year, according to the Federal Trade Commission). Almost monthly, a new book or magazine announces the latest "miracle diet," promising dramatic weight loss. Beware of "fad" diets and know how to recognize one.

"Lose All the Weight You Can For Just $39.99." Some weight loss programs have hidden costs. For example, some don't advertise the fact that you must buy their prepackaged meals that cost more than the program fees. Before you sign up for any weight loss program, ask for all the costs. Get them in writing."

The bottom line is that lifestyle changes created on a core, individual level that impact your overall lifestyle habits and patterns around your relationship with food are the only true and lasting means to keep unwanted or unhealthy weight off throughout the stages of your life. And those need not be expensive or riddled with "diet system" costs and fees that add up exponentially over the course of your life.

Keep your money in your pocket. Add thousands to your bank account over your years simply by making smart choices around your eating habits centered on you and your family's relationship to food and healthy lifestyle maintenance.

If this is something you've been seriously considering for your life - as well the impact it has on your loved ones too - then please reach out!

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Laura Butler

Lifestyle Intervention Consultant

Health Coach on Emotional Eating

Founder of the wellbe Life & Health Transformation Systems

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