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What People Say

B, Carter

“ So I am at the half way point, when I look back at the last few weeks I feel great sense of achievement and accomplishment. I feel informed and I feel ‘skilled up’. This whole concept is so interesting I have been able to arm myself ready to make positive habit changes and change my life for good. Every week that goes by I navigate a new challenge and have found it really fascinating, especially how I’ve started to listen to my body more and more. Addressing how my brain and my body works has really started to change my attitude to food and exercise. I often come away from a session feeling euphoric and excited. I have had a few dips and stumbles along the way but I am not judged and Laura has helped me to navigate my way through with useful tips and support. I cannot believe this is the half way mark. I feel strong and a desire to learn more and excited about what the next weeks brings and the rest of my life.

R. Worthington

"Working with Laura has helped with areas of my life I never knew could be improved and with relatively such little effort, when you know how! The transformation programme has done just that, transformed my life in so many ways, I feel back on track physically and emotionally, I feel so much better and no longer worry about food and my relationship to it. But it's so much more than that as well,  I love my body again and I love my life! I am ready to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe!"

P. Cross

"Having a coach is a very new concept for me so it was a leap of faith to start working with Laura, but I am so so glad I did. Not only do I thank her for everything she has taught me and for all the changes I have made for the good but my family benefits from these changes too, and for that they also say thank you! Laura is the right amount of challenge and compassion. I felt supported through the tougher times whilst sufficiently coached to get me to achieve my health goals. The extra energy and confidence has had a knock on effect to everything I do, I feel in control again and now feel equipped with the  right tools to deal with health and life challenges when they arise. I can't recommend the programme enough, my Husband says it's like living with a new woman!"

I’m a pservices.

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