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Introducing Food & You Course!

Super's actually here!! ✨✨ Doors are now open for just 10 amazing women to join me in my new Micro-Mentorship Programme!! So what is this...??

✨It's a 12 week Food habit break and relationship rebuild Micro Mentorship Programme that will fast track your freedom from food and put you back in the driving seat of your life.

✨We uncover what you are really hungry for when emotional eating, pinpoint binge eating triggers, break the yo-yo dieting cycle, give you tools to decipher exactly the right diet for your unique body, break those habits keeping you in a health rut and replace them with healthy all encompassing lifestyle behaviours that last.

✨The right healthcare knowledge is important, but without the conditions for success, consistent motivation, accountability and support, many find themselves weighed down by guilt and frustration.

✨That’s why I have set up my first Micro Mentorship programme, bringing my wealth of health and wellbeing knowledge and years of coaching experience to those ready to change their life in a safe and nurturing environment where I help you achieve your goals every step of the way!

Go Here for more Info!

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